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截图显示了页面历史中两个被版本删除的编辑。 第一个修订版本的内容、编辑摘要以及用户名被删除,第二个则只删除了版本的内容。被删除的版本会以灰色并带有删除线的斜体字显示。

修订版本删除的功能是可以隐藏页面历史中单个版本或页面日志中的单项日志(使用例子:用户错误的发布了他们的个人信息)。 这个功能可以被拥有deleterevision权限的用户组使用。 默认情况下,此权限分配给suppres群组。 使用这个功能,管理员 可以隐藏(或者显示)页面版本的内容、编辑者名字、编辑摘要或者这三者的任意组合。 其他管理员仍然可以查看被隐藏的信息,但可以为一些用户组添加“suppressrevision”权限 来对管理员进行隐藏。 让内容也对管理员进行隐藏的这种方式通常被称为“隐藏”或者“监督”。

这个功能于2009年发布MediaWiki 1.16版本中被作为核心功能加入。关于开发的信息,请参见手册:修订版本删除




When a revision or log entry is hidden from view in its entirety, it is displayed like that shown below, with the elements hidden from view stricken and greyed out. Once a revision is hidden, the contents of the revision (if hidden), cannot be viewed by any usergroup without the deletedtext right. Trying to compare the revision with other revisions or access its &oldid= page will result in an error stating that the revision has been removed from the public archives. Similarly, trying to search for a hidden log entry by the users involved, when they have been hidden, will turn up no results.

Revision deletion remains applied to a page even when deleted. If a page is undeleted, revisions that were previously hidden with RevisionDelete will remain hidden to the public.



The RevisionDelete dialog. The suppression option is included for completeness, although this is only visible to users with the suppressrevision right.

To show/hide a revision, click the small (更改可见性) button next to the relevant revision or log entry that you wish to show/hide. Depending on your permissions, there may be between 3 and 4 different options to choose from:

Tick the checkboxes next to each of the items that you wish to apply to the selected and then provide an informative summary in the "Log comment field". Once this information has been filled in, click the "Apply to selected revision" button to submit the information. If this has been done correctly, Revision visibility successfully set should be displayed on your screen.


To show/unhide a revision, click the (更改可见性) button for the revision or log entry and simply untick all the boxes, provide your summary and click the "Apply to the selected revision" button. Success should be marked by the display of the Revision visibility successfully set message.


This is quite similar to unhiding a revision; click the (更改可见性) button and tick/untick the options that you wish to modify and click the apply button.


Normally, hiding a revision or page history item will produce a log message in the public deletion log or the private suppression log (if "Apply these restrictions to Sysops and lock this interface" is ticked). Log entries created in the public deletion log look like those displayed below for page revision and log entries visibilities respectively.

The (更改可见性) link displayed leads to the visibility settings for that particular log entry, while the (更改可见性) button leads to the visibility settings for the page affected by that particular log entry.